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For over 20 years PSS® has helped our customers with their specific needs, immediate goals, and longer-term ambitions.

2 Burden Cost
5 Adding To Payroll

When customers have the workload, but not the workforce.

When customers don’t want the burden and cost of hiring, training and managing temporary staff.

When customers want to keep work within their own facility.

When temporary staffing doesn’t serve the medium to long-term ambitions of the business.

When customers cannot increase headcount or add to payroll.

When customers need help completing routine work.


Leading biotech firm executive
Executive at a global pharmaceutical company
 Senior executive, one of the world’s largest R&D  firms
"We needed a very fast, non-temp solution to expand our drug development capabilities. PSS® allowed us to have fulltime, highly qualified scientists, using our methods and SOPs, more quickly and cost-effectively than we could have ever accomplished. We had not anticipated all the benefits." Leading biotech firm executive
“We had many projects to be done quickly and didn’t have the people to do them. We had some proprietary methods/techniques that we preferred to keep in-house. PSS® gave us the means to address every problem we had to get our work done faster than outsourcing.” Executive at a global pharmaceutical company
“I was so impressed with the quality and professionalism of the Eurofins PSS® team, I would request PSS® services for future growth vs. hiring my own staff, this PSS® site has grown to more than 85 people." Senior executive, one of the world’s largest R&D firms

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With client relationships spanning up to 20 years in 20 countries, we work with leading international companies, across the BioPharma, Medical Device to Food to Cosmetic & Consumer Products industries, who trust us with their mission-critical testing.

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We are the only insourcing solutions provider that has been recognised for delivering excellence and exceeding client expectations, with an impressive 16 strategic partner awards won during the past 20 years.


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